TCPP Flame Retardant

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Project Description

TCPP is colorless or light yellow oily liquid with light cream odor. It is slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in alcohols, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbon etc and insoluble in an aliphatic hydrocarbon. Its chlorine content is 32.5%, and phosphorus content is 9.5%.

Since TCPP has both phosphor and chlorine elements, its flame retardance performs very notably.Meanwhile, TCPP is plasticized, moistureproof and antistatic.


Tris (2-Chloroethyl) Phosphate

Cas No.:13674-84-5

Molecular Formula:C9H18Cl3O4P

Molecular Weight:327.56


Items Value
Appearance Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Color number (Pt-Co) ≤30
Specific gravity(20℃) 1.285-1.295
Acid content ≤0.1 mgKOH/g
Water content 0.1%


TCPP belongs to add-on flame retardant. It applies to polyurethane, PVC, polystyrene, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, rubber, and coating.

TCPP is generally built with antimonous oxide in order to enhance its flame retardance efficiency, in which TCPP proportion is about 10%.




One year in shadow.



250kg/iron drum.



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