Project Description

DEEP is a new phosphor series additive flame retardant.

Being colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, DEEP features high phosphorus content, good flame retardance performance, less addition, low price, convenient usage, low viscosity and many other special advantages.

DEEP is able to dissolve in water and many organic solvents.

Diethyl Ethyl Phosphonate

Cas No.:78-38-6
Molecular Formula: C6H15O3P
Molecular Weight:166.16


AppearanceColorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Specific gravity(20℃)1.020-1.030
Acid content≤1.0 mgKOH/g
Water content≤0.1%
Phosphorus content18.6%
Viscosity(25℃)1.5 mPa•s


DEEP is a new efficient organophosphorus flame retardant.It can be added to various rigid polyurethane foam all kinds of foaming system. Its flame retardant efficiency is 1.5-2 times of TCPP.

DEEP is low in viscosity and does not contain halogen.Its chemical stability is good in the polyether polyol-isocyanate bicomponent system. Besides, DEEP is an efficient viscosity reducer.It improves the operability of aqueous foaming hard bubble system and rigid polyurethane foam system.

The DEEP dosage can be as 20-25 share for rigid foam complied with flame-retardant standard B2. DEEP is not suitable for the system built with isocyanates including a prepolymer and one-component polyfoam.


One year in shadow.


200kgs/iron drum.


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