DMMP, Dmethyl Methylphosphonate

//DMMP, Dmethyl Methylphosphonate
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Project Description

DMMP is a new phosphor series additive flame retardant.

Being colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, DMMP features high phosphorus content, good flame retardance performance, less addition, low price, convenient usage, low viscosity and many other special advantages.

DMMP is able to dissolve in water and many organic solvents.

Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonate

Cas No.:756-79-6

Molecular Formula:C3H9O3P

Molecular Weight:124.08


Items Value
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Content ≥98.5%
Specific gravity(20℃) 1.16±0.005
Acid content ≤0.5 mgKOH/g
Water content ≤0.1%
Phosphorus content ≤25%


DMMP is an excellent flame retardant in recent years. As a substitute for traditional flame retardants, it is especially suitable to products and spray-finishing of transparent or light graceful colors.

DMMP can also be an intermediate of organic synthesis and extractant of rare metals.



One year in shadow.



200kg iron drum.



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