Project Description

IRO Polyetheramine T Series are triamines prepared by a reaction of epoxypropane (PO) with a triol initiator, followed by amination of the terminal hydroxyl groups.

Because of its characteristic structure, the IRO Polyetheramine T series has an excellent toughening effect in the epoxy resin industry. They also have surface corrosion resistance performance in the epoxy-polyurethane system.



Product NameT-5000T-3000T-403
ApperanceColorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
Molecular Weight50003000440
Color (Pt-Co/APHA)≤50≤60≤50
Primary Amine≥97%≥97%≥90%
Amine Value0.50-0.570.90-0.986.10-6.80
Water Content≤25%≤25%≤25%


IRO Polyetheramine T series is an active chain extender for polyurethane with the typical reaction properties of primary amine. They are widely used in the polyurethane RIM industry as the main raw material of Spray Polyurea Elastomer.

Together with polyamides, Polyetheramine T can also be used in a highly-intensive epoxy adhesive.

Safety Information

IRO Polyetheramine T series has micro toxicity in oral administration; non-toxicity for skin absorption; weak skin irritation, and strong eye irritation.
Please use a mask to protect the face when loading/unloading.

If it contacts the eyes accidentally, it is necessary to wash with water for at least 5 minutes and conduct the required medical observation. Wash with water and soap in time if it comes in contact with the skin.


One year in a shady room.


200kg/iron drum or 1000kg/IBC tote.


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