Project Description

IRO Polyetheramine D Series is a kind of diamine on a copolymer backbone. Its average MW is about 220~2000, with amino lying on the polyether end’s second carbon. They are light in color, low in viscosity, low in vapor pressure, and high in primary amine content; they can be dissolved in various solvents and slightly dissolved in water.

IRO polyether amine D series products are our core products. They are diamine-terminated PPG (polypropylene glycol) with the following representative structure:

polyetheramine d structure


Product NameD-2000D-400D-230
ApperanceColorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
Molecular Weight2000400230
Color (Pt-Co/APHA)≤25≤50≤25
Primary Amine≥97%≥97%≥97%
Amine Value0.95-1.05 mmol/g4.10-4.70 mmol/g8.10-8.70 mmol/g
Water Content≤0.25%≤0.25%≤0.25%


As a new style curing agents of epoxy, IRO Polyetheramine D series is mainly used in tough, clear, flexible, impact-resistant coatings, castings and adhesive.

Usually, IRO Polyetheramine D series is used in conjunction with other curing agents, contributing flexibility to the finished product.As for non-epoxy applications, IRO Polyetheramine D series finds use ineffective chain extender of polyurea RIM(Reaction Injection Molding), thermoplastic polyurethane adhesives, salts, and the fluids cutting and fire retardants.

Additionally, IRO Polyetheramine D series has the drain and oleophobic group on the structural backbone.It is a good emulsifier agent in the oil field.

Safety Information

IRO Polyetheramine D series has micro toxicity in oral administration; non-toxicity for skin absorption; weak skin irritation, and strong eye irritation.

Please use a mask to protect the face when loading/unloading.

If it contacts the eyes accidentally, it is necessary to wash with water for at least 5 minutes and conduct the required medical observation. Wash with water and soap in time if it contacts the skin.


One year in a shady room.


200kg iron drum, 1000kg IBC drum.


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