Project Description

As the most important raw materials for polyether-modified silicone oil, all kinds of organic silicon surfactants with different properties can be acquired by changing the silicone oil link count, the EO/PO proportion, or the terminal groups, to meet the needs of a variety of industries, such as emulsifier, wetting agent, defoaming agent, demulsifier, dispersant, etc.

Main Types

Allyloxy Poly Ethylene Glycol (APEG)CAS: 27274-31-3
Structural formula: CH2=CHCH2O(C2H4O)nH
Polyethylene Oxide Alkanes Diallyl Ether
Structural formula: CH2=CHCH2O(PO)m(EO)nCH2CH=CH2
Polyethylene Glycol dialkyl EthersCAS: 24991-55-7
Structural formula: R1O(CH2CH2O)nR2
Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Diallyl EtherCAS: 59788-01-1
Structural formula: CH2=CH-CH2-O-(CH2-CH2-O)n-CH2-CH=CH2
Polyethylene Glycol Allyl Methyl EtherCAS: 27252-80-8
Structural formula: CH2=CHCH2O(CH2CH2O)nCH3
Ethylene Glycol Monoallyl EtherCAS: 111-45-5
Structural formula: CH2=CH-CH2-O-CH2-CH2OH
Polyethylene Glycol DiAcrylate (PEGDA)CAS: 26570-48-9
Structural formula: CH2=CHCO(CH2CH2O)nOCCH=CH2

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