New Surfactant – Alkyl Polyglucoside

APG action mechanism

Alkyl polyglucoside (APG) is a new generation of non-ionic surfactant that is being developed internationally.

It is synthesized by carbohydrate and natural fatty alcohols under the action of acidic catalysts. Sugar units are hydrophilic and alkyl is oil-friendly.

Alkyl polyglucoside are mixtures of monoside, diglycosides, and triglycosides, and the molecular structure is as follows:

alkyl polyglucoside molecular structure

Alkyl polyglucoside is characterized by all the raw materials for biodegradable natural resources. It is safe and non-toxic. The sugar monomer and alkyl ether bond are easy to degrade and environmentally friendly.

Alkyl polyglucoside is good for decontamination, solubility, compatibility, mild skin and chemical stability.

It has the characteristics of non-ionic surfactants and anionic surfactants. And the synergistic effect is obvious when used with other kinds of surfactants.
The raw materials are renewable resources, which are not affected by the production of coal and oil, but also can solve the problem of the deep processing of agricultural products.

APG surfactant is almost nontoxic and can even be used as a food additive. It has low irritation to the skin, and the biodegradation is rapid and thorough. It is of great significance to environmental protection.

In addition to the excellent performance of traditional surfactants, the surfactant structure, which is made of starch, contains a lot of unique properties. APG surfactant is not only the surface tension is low, the foam is rich and fine but stable, it is good to decontamination, and the compatibility is excellent, and the solubility is still high in the condition of high electrolyte concentration.

In addition, the surfactant also has no stimulation to the skin and eyes. Its compatibility is good. The product is relatively nontoxic, biodegradable good and so on.

With sugar instead of epoxy ethane in AEO, is undoubtedly a better performance of the non-ionic surface active agent. In terms of ecology and energy, Alkyl polyglucoside will be the next generation of new green surfactant alkyl indican one of the most promising varieties.

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New Surfactant - Alkyl Polyglucoside