How Big Market Value for Defoaming Agents

The global market value of the defoaming agents is expected to exceed $2 billion over the next seven years due to growing demand from the paint industry. In the past few years, the pulp industry has dominated global markets. The trend is expected to continue.

defoaming agents global market value
The defoaming agents prevent the formation of foam that causes problems in the industrial process. They destroy the surface viscosity and elasticity of the foam, making it more efficient in industrial operations.

The main defoaming agent products include a non-silicon base and silicon-based defoamer. Non-silicon products include an oil-based defoaming agent, a water-based defoaming agent, powder defoaming agent, etc. Silicon defoaming agents occupy and enjoy more than a third of the global market.

Compared with other organic products, the good silicon-based products features include longer service life, stronger reaction activity, insolubility, and lower surface tension. The main uses for silicon-based defoamers are chemical, textile, paint and coatings, pharmaceutical, food production, and household cleaning.
Growing non-silicon defoaming agents in the food processing industry which are less toxic and biodegradable are projected to witness positive growth in the near future. Defoamer market is expected to grow significantly over the next seven years due to expansion in R&D initiatives and technological improvement among the major participants in the market.

In the past few years, defoaming agents market demand has been slow to grow because of the global recession. However, a reviving global economy is expected to increase demand for the terminal industry. The defoaming agent plays a key role in various industrial processes. Governments in emerging regions such as the Asia-pacific region and Central America are expected to increase their manufacturing capacity and are expected to help the region’s defoaming agents market in the coming forecast period.

Defoaming agents are used as an additive in multiple cleaning applications in multiple industries. These additives can help detergents reduce surface tension and reduce water use, thus cleaning more effectively. In the near future, these advantageous features can help defoamers to meet the demand for industrial applications.

More and more environmental awareness has led companies to choose defoaming agents with less VOCs. This shift in trend is seen as a hindrance to global market development in the near future.

VOCs impact on human health and the environment is expected to hamper market growth in the next seven years. The growing digitalization has largely hindered the development of the global paper and pulp industry. This trend is expected to hinder the development of defoaming agents markets because paper and pulp are the main applications of defoamers. The innovative and updated products of industrial applications are expected to provide ample opportunities for growth and development.

Biodegradable and less toxic defoaming agent products are expected to provide several opportunities for growth. Efficient and highly innovative technologies, such as “smart stem”, are used to develop cost-effective and environmentally friendly products that provide an adequate growth opportunity for industry participants.

In the past few years, the Asia-pacific region has dominated the global defoaming agent market, followed by North America and Europe. As a result of cost-effectiveness, silicon-based defoaming agents are increasingly being replaced by water-based products in developing regions. China has a sizable share of the Asia-pacific region, thanks to rising demand for water treatment, paint, textiles, and oil. Industrialization and urbanization are the main causes of economic growth.

The North American and European markets are characterized by strict regulatory frameworks to prevent the use of volatile organic compounds. Europe’s paper and pulp industries are expected to decline in the near future due to new installations and production scale problems. The trend is seen as having a negative impact on regional markets.


How Big Market Value for Defoaming Agents