Application and Purchase of Polyetheramine 2019

polyetheramine D application2

Polyetheramine technology is mainly through a series of technologies to produce the products we need. Products produced by polyetheramine technology have the following advantages.

(1) Fast curing, good adhesion to all kinds of substrates.
(2) Polyetheramine technology does not contain solvents and fillers and meets environmental protection requirements.
(3) It has excellent physical and chemical properties, and the physical property index can be adjusted to a wide range.
(4) Good chemical resistance, anti-aging, long-term use under harsh conditions.
(5) Polyetheramine technology uses a unique water removal technology to solve the impact of water on the site spraying construction.

Polyetheramine is a relatively widely used product. It can be used as a good excipient to achieve a certain effect. And speed up the reaction. Polyetheramine is an excellent product. So which fields can it be used for?

Application Field of Polyetheramine

(1) High-performance composite materials: Polyetheramine can be used as a high-performance curing agent for epoxy resin to produce high-strength, high-toughness composite materials.
(2) Polyurea: As a key component of polyurea materials, there are many application examples in the waterproof structure of concrete structures such as high-speed rail bridges, sea-crossing bridges, dams, large venues, etc., and have shown excellent performance;
(3) Coating: Polyetheramine has low viscosity. When used in epoxy floor or anti-corrosion coating, it can reduce the amount of solvent and reduce the viscosity of the system.
(4) Adhesive: As an epoxy resin curing agent, it has excellent toughness and fatigue resistance after being fully cured, and is widely used in adhesives and structural adhesives;
(5) Jewelry: It has extremely light color and better yellowing resistance. Therefore, polyetheramines can be used in the manufacture of jewelry.
In summary, the use range of polyetheramine is still quite a lot, and its role in the field is not small. The correct and reasonable operation, in order to better play its role.

Polyetheramine Purchase

The use and quality of polyetheramines depend on the production standards of the product. Regular products must be operated through normal production steps. Some points to be aware of when making a purchase.

(1) Purchasing polyetheramine must be purchased from the relevant authorized sales company. At the same time, request a copy of the formal sales invoice and the certificate of recognition, and the imported product must also have a copy of the importer’s inspection certificate.
(2) Purchasing domestic polyetheramine requires that all kinds of packaging must have an identification mark, Chinese description, batch number, ex-factory and an effective date of use. When purchasing imported products, it is required that all kinds of packaging must have commodity inspection mark, national identification mark, Chinese description, batch number, ex-factory and an effective date of use.
(3) At the time of purchase, the user shall provide the sales enterprise with the project name, address, and quantity of polyetheramine to be used, and the sales enterprise shall register and file.
(4) The relevant construction unit (or other relevant units as agreed in the contract) must send the relevant materials used to the designated testing center for performance testing. Testing should comply with national standards. If the project is incomplete, the test date is inconsistent with the construction date, and the test report is inconsistent with the report of the inspection center, the report is invalid.


Application and Purchase of Polyetheramine 2019