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DMTDA is the short name of Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine, a chain extender. The DMTDA is similar to ETHACURE 300. However, the operation has significant benefits because of the liquid at room temperature. Such as the transfer easier and MOCA solid melting process will be eliminated.

Similarly, the possibility of solidification does not occur in a mixing vessel or mixing machine inside.

Furthermore, it is in a liquid state, allowing operation at a lower temperature than the MOCA. DMTDA equivalent is 107 (like Ethacure 300) compared with MOCA is 133.5, which means that the same given under stoichiometric prepolymer can be reduced 20% by weight of the amount of use.


CAS No.: 106264-79-3
EINECS Number: 403-240-8
Molecular Formula: C9H14N2S2
Molecular Weight: 214.36


Molecular weight214
Boiling point, ℃353
Density (g/cm3) at 20℃1.21
Freezing point, ℃-9
Flash point, TCC, ℃163.4
Viscosity,Cps at 20℃280
Isocyanate equivalent107
Equivalent of epoxy resin53.5


Appearance at room temperaturelight yellow to amber clear liquid
DMTDA, %95-97
MMTDA, %2-3
TDA content, %≤ 1.0
Amine value, mgKOH/g536
Moisture≤ 0.1


DMTDA is a new type of polyurethane elastomer curing crosslinking agent. There are mainly two isomers, namely a mixture of 2 4— and 2 6 —dimethylthiotoluenediamine (the ratio is about 77-80 / 17-20).

DMTDA a lower-viscosity liquid at room temperature than the commonly used MOCA. In addition, ETHACURE 300 equivalent is suitable for construction operations at low temperatures and low chemical equivalent.


Diethyltoluenediamine (abbreviation DETDA, the trade name ETHACURE-100) and dimethylthiotoluenediamine (abbreviation DMTDA, trade name is ETHACURE-300) are two commonly used liquid amine chain extenders.

DMTDA reacts slowly with prepolymers compared to DETDA. It is combined with DETDA to give good surface leveling properties to elastomers. It will not have much impact on mechanical properties.

But because DMTDA contains methylthio (-SCH3) in its molecule. When used outdoors, it is prone to discoloration and yellowing. Therefore, it cannot be used in places that require high color retention.

Packing and Storage:

In 200kg iron drum/as customers special requirements.

metal drum

Handle with care, DMTDA should be stored in a cool, dry, and draughty place. Shelf life is one year. Then, DMTDA can still be used if qualified after re-check, just like ETHACURE 300.

Reference: ETHACURE 300 Details.


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