Alkyl Polyglucoside Applications in Industry

The scope of alkyl polyglucoside application extremely wide. According to its characteristics, the industrial applications are mainly in the following ways.

1. Application in Washing Industry

washing industry

Alkyl polyglucoside is used as active ingredients, it can make all kinds of detergent for different using.

Alkyl polyglucoside with phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, and sodium carbonate, match into a mixture with water, can be used as automobile and machinery industrial detergents. But also prevent iron metal to be oxidized and acid corrosion.

2. Application in the Cosmetics Industry


Because of humidifying and lubricity characteristics of non-toxic alkyl polyglucoside. It can develop some traditional cosmetics. To make cosmetics extremely close to the ideal status. That means little irritating, good foaming performance and fairly thickening effect.

The alkyl polyglucoside with other surfactants, especially those are electrolyte compound with thickening of surfactants, easy to make the high viscosity of cosmetics. The cosmetic is used as body protection.

3. Application in Food Industry

food industry

Alkyl polyglucoside in the food industry used as the emulsifier and antifoaming agent can change the flavor of food.

Adding micro amounts alkyl polyglucoside into ice cream, it can form a thin density porosity structure and increase the volume. The ice cream is good strength and stable forming.

Alkyl polyglucoside mixed with glyceride used for bread baking, the baking bread tastes especially delicious.

4. Application in Starch Industry

starch industry

In terms of starch chemicals, in order to make the powder or granular starch dispersion process is easy to be in the water, a trace of alkyl polyglucoside can avoid agglomerate or starch gel phenomenon.

5. Application in Toothpaste Industry

toothpaste industry

In toothpaste and other daily necessities, using antibacterial characteristic of alkyl polyglucoside. As the fungicide has an obvious inhibitory effect against Staphylococcus.

6. Application in Agriculture Industry

Alkyl polyglucoside itself has insect killing, acaricidal and mold activity can be used alone as a pesticide active ingredients, and do not need organic solvent and emulsifier.

It can also be combined with other germicidal agents, antivirus agents, insecticides, insecticides, herbicides, herbicides, and plant growth regulation to enhance the activity of various pesticides.

7. Applications in Other Industries

in fire equipment as foam agent

Alkyl polyglucoside can be used in fire equipment as foam agent. 

  • The use of the paper industry improves the softness of paper.
  • It can be used as the fabric softener and dyeing auxiliaries in the textile industry.
  • It can also be used as a gel, lubricant and wetting agent.

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Alkyl Polyglucoside Applications in Industry