Project Description

Paints or coatings, polishes or adhesives, plastic composites or compounds-the quality of these products depends on the interplay of the forces acting at the interfaces between liquid and solid or gaseous materials. This interplay can be controlled and shaped.

IRO additives provide innovative solutions for this and influence the behavior of the materials at the interface. This results in products that give our customers a competitive advantage.

Our extensive product lines include 6 categories and more 50 products. They are equivalent to many international brands like BYK, TEGO, EFKA, DEUCHEM, SOLSPERSE, HENKEL and DOW CORNING etc. Partial products are as below.


  • IR-H929 (Equivalent to Hemmings 929)
  • IR-P104S (Equivalent to BYK-P104S)
  • IR-103 (Equivalent to BYK-103)
  • IR-163 (Equivalent to BYK-163)
  • IR-110 (Equivalent to BYK-110)
  • IR-EF4310 (Equivalent to EFKA 4310)
  • IR-D923 (Equivalent to DEUCHEM 923)
  • IR-ATU (Equivalent to (Cognis) BYK-ATU)
  • IR-S20000 (Equivalent to Solsperse-20000)
  • IR-S27000 (Equivalent to Solsperse-27000)
  • IR-SN5040 (Equivalent to Henkel of Germany SN-5040)
  • IR-190 (Equivalent to BYK-190)

Adhesion promoter

  • IR-TIPI2 (Equivalent to TilcomPI-2)
  • IR-D6011 (Equivalent to Dowcorning DC-6011)
  • IR-D6040 (Equivalent to Dowcorning DC-6040)
  • IR-E4901 (Equivalent to Eternal 4901-B-72)

Defoaming promoter

  • IR-D5300 (Equivalent to DEUCHEM 5300)
  • IR-066N (Equivalent to BYK-066N)
  • IR-RD6300 (Equivalent to Rhodoline DF 6300)
  • IR-011 (Equivalent to BYK-011)
  • IR-141 (Equivalent to BYK-141)
  • IR-A530 (Equivalent to BYK-A530)
  • IR-052 (Equivalent to BYK-052)

Leveling agent

  • IR-353 (Equivalent to BYK-353)
  • IR-306 (Equivalent to BYK-306)
  • IR-310 (Equivalent to BYK-310)
  • IR-320 (Equivalent to BYK-320)
  • IR-325 (Equivalent to BYK-325)
  • IR-333 (Equivalent to BYK-333)
  • IR-358 (Equivalent to BYK-358)
  • IR-410 (Equivalent to TEGO-410)
  • IR-450 (Equivalent to TEGO-450)

Cross-linking agent

  • IR-DPAA (Equivalent to Du Pont TYZOR-AA)
  • IR-T10 (Equivalent to TilcomlA-10)
  • IR-TEAA (Equivalent to VERTEC TEAA)

UV light curing agent

  • IR-2200N (Equivalent to TEGO-2200N)
  • IR-SLDI50 (Equivalent to Siltech Silmer TMS Di-50)
The substitutes can be supplied according to samples after analysis.

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